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Cross-border payments with Pedro Batista and Laura Rofe | Payhawk S3E9

Cross-border payments with Pedro Batista and Laura Rofe | Payhawk

· 43:21

Welcome back to PayTech Talk, the podcast about payments! Today's episode covers one of the biggest pain points in the payments industry..Cross Border Payments! To cover this subject, Elliot and Emily welcome Pedro Batista, VP Payments & Operations at Payhawk and Laura Rofe, Director Account Management EMEA at Thunes. Pedro and Laura discuss subjects like payments infrastructure, and the strategies companies like Payhawk and Thunes are taking to ease these payments processes.

This episode is sponsored by Payhawk.

Get ready to explore the world of international payments and discover how Payhawk's integration with Wise revolutionizes cross-border payments and making global transactions more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Go to Payhawk.com to find out more.

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